Eleanor Baumgartner is a former staff reporter for The Mail on Sunday newspaper, where she worked from 2004 to 2007 on diverse stories from the world’s first face transplant, to investigating murder cases in Yemen and India.

In 2007 Eleanor moved to Afghanistan to work as a freelance journalist, writing for the Sunday Telegraph, the Mail on Sunday and various magazines, while also teaching English at the office of the First Vice President.

She then spent fifteen months as one of two advisors to an Afghan counter narcotics team in southern Helmand province, supporting the local Governor’s efforts to reduce cultivation of opium poppy.

Eleanor graduated from Cambridge University with a degree in natural sciences in 1998 and worked as a management consultant before changing careers to journalism. She has travelled to more than 40 countries and enjoys competing in ultramarathons, finishing as the only woman in a 208 mile race through the Niger desert in 2006.

Eleanor now lives in Washington State with her husband Michael, a State Senator, and their four children.